Introducing Timenite Daily


Introducing, Timenite Daily

Gone are the days when was just a simple website that showed countdowns.


Let’s keep it short. From now onwards, we’re introducing a new service called Timenite Daily which is going to fetch Fortnite Item Shop’s data every day at 00:00 (the moment it resets) and construct and post images on Timenite’s new social media (@timenitedaily), 3 minutes after the official reset.


For now, the automated posts are live and will be updated every day on both our Twitter and Instagram. But if you’re not a social media person, we’re also bringing it to the Item Shop page (to be improved soon).



As of now, you may see duplicate or untimely posts on the socials but it was all done while testing so do not worry.


Huge shoutout to Fortnite-API for being such an amazing public and free-to-use API which is what we’re using to make Timenite Daily possible.


We hope that this is helpful for the community.